The popular original Multiliner inking pens are available in nine black sizes, and five colors in four nib sizes. Ideal for all of your fine inking needs, Multiliners begin with a size 0.03mm and work all the way up to our thick Brush Medium pen.

Mulitliner SP

Even better than the Multiliner, the Multiliner SP offers replaceable nibs and refillable ink cartridges. Available in 10 black nib sizes and 12 colors in two nib sizes, these are professional tools of the highest quality.

Drawing Pen FO

Copic’s FO Drawing Pens are disposable fountain pens with a stainless steel nib. Available in 0.1mm or 0.2mm line width. Also available in Sepia (0.1mm only).


The atyou Spica Glitter Pens come in 24 transparent colors, and contain pigment based, archival, non-toxic, and acid-free ink. Best of all this pen has a no-clog nib and will write for over 360 yards – twice the length of other writing pens.