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Learn from the pros and get the most out of your Copic tools.
We've got books to help you on a variety of topics from product rendering to papercrafting. Detailed information is presented in an easy to follow format, and you'll gain information on techniques, process, and new ideas.
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Copic's DVDs offer instruction, information and step-by-step tutorials.
Choose from a variety of disciplines and styles, as well as how-to tips and information. Our DVDs present guest artists demonstrating how they use Copic products in their art and discipline, and guide you through projects and techniques. Each approach is different, but all are equally rewarding and informative.

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Enjoy the high quality feel of Copic - and all the Copic colors - in SketchBook Pro. Open up new creative possibilities by bridging the digital and physical worlds. Artists can take advantage of new tools and media that allow them to both express their creations in new environments.