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  • January 2015 Copic Art Monthly Calendar


    The first free monthly Copic art calendar is available! Click on the image to download a zip file with Julie Berkbuegler’s January’s calendar. Print it out, or use it as a desktop wallpaper!   January sports an inspiring, modern look, … Continue reading

  • Copic 12 Days of Christmas: Day 12


    Here we are on the traditional 12th day of Christmas—the 12 days following Christmas—and it’s the final Copic 12 Days of Christmas coloring tutorial! Jayleen completes her wreath illustrating the colorful Christmas folk carol. Read along and see how she … Continue reading

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  • Copic 12 Days of Christmas: Day 11


    Today’s installment is the 11th tutorial and Jayleen has made it to the Partridge in the Pear Tree! Follow along and see how she adds a combination of color and detail to make the centerpiece of this artwork come to … Continue reading

  • Copic 12 Days of Christmas: Day 10


    Today’s installment is the 10th tutorial, and Jayleen gives some special treatment to the eggs the six famous geese laid! Tell us what creative way you might use the Colorless Blender—and see if you can top Jayleen’s “fluffy housecoat” application … Continue reading